JUNE 2018 ELECTION: State Candidates


JUNE 2018 ELECTION: State Senate Candidates District 29

Kevin Carr

eCommerce Consultant

I am not supported by wealthy outside special interests that have targeted the district forcing their personal agenda.

As your State Senator these issues will be my top priority:

Homelessness - I helped develop a plan that will move the homeless from our neighborhoods, parks, riverbeds, rail road tracks, flood channels, and sidewalks. I will draft legislation to force any county stockpiling money meant for homeless programs to be released to homeless program providers.

Gas tax – I will draft legislation to set California’s gas tax to the national average which would save the average driver hundreds of dollars each year.

Stop tax increases - I have worked to defeat over a dozen taxes/fees on residential property, utilities, television programming, cellphones, sewer, trash, and sales taxes. I will vote against all tax increases.

Protecting Prop 13 – As a Proposition 13 advocate, and long-time Taxpayer’s Association Member, I will draft legislation to bring the homeowners property tax exemption up to date increasing it from $7,000 to $70,000 a year.

Infrastructure – We are running out of drinkable water, electricity, and natural gas is below normal levels. The roads and freeways are jammed. I will introduce legislation to invest in our infrastructure instead of incentivizing more high-density housing in already highly-dense areas.

Vote for Kevin Carr and I will continue my work on building a better California.

Visit: ElectKevinCarr.com


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